3d post-production

Matchmove, sometimes also referred to as Camera Tracking is known as 'the invisible art'. A highly accurate recreation of the camera movement from set is DFFX's goal to provide. Character matchmoving is a technique that we can also provide. DFFX can also go on location and recreate an accurate to-scale representation of the set using a variety of techniques.


DFFX's modeling and texturing artists are skilled in bringing your vision to life on the computer screen. We can build your design or our team can also help you concept your creature, building, prop, etc. Along with creating your models we can also texture and shade them.


Animation adds life to your project. Digital Frontier FX's team of highly trained animators will give you the "wow" factor and our lighting team will make sure your CG seats well in your live action plate or fully computer generated environment. Need some rain? Dust cloud? Blood? Explosion? Our FX team loves to get their particles on!


Previz, short for previsualization, is a collaboration between a filmmaker and a group of artists to create preliminary versions of shots or sequences, typically using 3D animation tools and virtual environments. Essentially, it is the process of conceptualizing and improving a project in its developmental stages, before the final endeavor is attempted. Previs allows filmmakers to explore creative ideas, plan technical solutions, and share a vision for efficient production. The talented artists at DFFX will put your ideas in motion, equipping you with a high-quality video to successfully pitch your project to other industry professionals.

2d post-production

Need a 2D set extension? A completely fabricated vista? Our matte painting team can bring your vision to life. DFFX is also skilled in rig removals, paint outs and any necessary roto to seat 3D or 2D elements into your live action plate. Our senior team of compositors will then take any 3D elements we've generated, matte painting elements and put all these items together to create your final vision.